Superman has had different versions of his origin, in his first incarnation he comes from a planet where everyone has super-powers due to millions of years of evolution. There is no mention that it’s a larger planet with greater gravity until Superman #1 which would correspond to Actions #13 – 14. Superman #1 is the first time we learn that he’s from Krypton, before that they called it a “distant planet.” Early on, Superman is wanted by the police and starts out as a mysterious menacing criminal that takes the law into his own hands. In Action #1 he manhandles the governor of a state (albeit in a good cause) to save an innocent from execution. He also has a tendency to threaten underworld lives if they don’t do as he orders. In Action #8 he destroys an entire city block of slums forcing the city to rebuild nicer apartment buildings resulting in Superman being wanted for massive destruction of property. This carries into Action #9 where a crooked police Captain wants to capture Superman for a $5,000 reward. It isn’t until Action #11 that any mention is made of x-ray vision and super-hearing, and you don’t hear about it a gain for a while. In Action #12 Superman takes traffic safety to new lengths. He destroys every car he deems unsafe in the police compound, he does the same to a used car lot dealer, then moves on to demolish a car manufacturer’s entire factory. Action #13 culminates with Superman deliberately attempting to murder a crippled mad scientist (he’s bald and a forerunner of Luthor), and several of his henchmen as they make their escape in a plane. Superman smashes their propeller dropping them to their seeming death. The wheel chair bound mad scientist is called the “Ultra-Humanite,” and he resurfaces in Action #14 still alive. No mention is made of the crew that was aboard the plane crash. In short the primitive version of Superman uses unlawful brute force to accomplish his desired outcomes.