About Us:
I have been collecting, buying, reading, and trading comic books since 1959. I collected, bought, and sold Mile High and pedigreed comics from the late 1980s into the late 90s. I’ve had tables at all the major conventions of the day in Los Angeles and San Diego and have always had a comic collection one way or another for over 60 years. Since our focus is Golden and Silver Age comics, we have amassed a specialized digital collection dedicated to those eras. The inconvenience of most of the comic download sites, well known to collectors out there, is what this was constructed to avoid. Together with my colleague we have done the work for you and can offer the most complete and easy to access digital library of old, popular, and rare comic books on the internet. Visit our Youtube Channel here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmtArFTz6ow&feature=youtu.be
Enjoy our site and thank you.